Construction Sentry compares very favorably with the major competition, taking time lapse to a completely new level of simplicity and useability. Construction Sentry employs a variety of features that dramatically increases your site’s security, and ensures you are proactively informed of any events of interest.

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OxBlue Truelook Construction Sentry
time-lapse video gear_hardhat-icon_websmall gear_hardhat-icon_websmall gear_hardhat-icon_websmall
24×7 recording gear_hardhat-icon_websmall
 detect unauthorized activity gear_hardhat-icon_websmall
 live video streaming gear_hardhat-icon_websmall
 push notifications gear_hardhat-icon_websmall
 alarm monitoring gear_hardhat-icon_websmall
 simultaneous multiple sites gear_hardhat-icon_websmall
 unlimited users gear_hardhat-icon_websmall


Construction Sentry: