>> Robust time-lapse technology with an image taken every 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Individual images can be delivered via email to project management or converted to a full time lapse video

>> Intelligent detection via video analytics that trigger on a person or vehicle, depending upon user specification. When triggered, a 10 second HD video clip is pushed to the Cloud as well as emailed and delivered directly to a smartphone via MMS (if specified.) Construction Sentry does NOT employ motion detection, which frequently produces many false alarms.

>> 24/7 monitoring with a very low bandwidth footprint.

>> Access is available at any time to view live video or recorded video. HD video event clips are stored in the Cloud and are instantly searchable.

>> Cameras are all managed centrally within CheckVideo’s Cloud VMS, behind one login and accessible via ANY Internet connection. No servers to buy or apps to install — ever.

>> Add an unlimited number of cameras to the Cloud VMS for complete viewing and management across all job sites and projects, regardless of location. For job sites without internet access, cellular connectivity is available; for remote sites, solar power is available.

>> Enhances security AND positively impacts both business operations and safety.

>> No servers or software and unlimited user accounts.

>> Coming soon: live video integration with PM solutions such as ProCore.