Managing Risk Key to Keeping Construction Projects on Schedule


Construction projects are inherently completed late and costlier than estimated. For this reason, managing the risk related to causes of delays is critical to successful project completion.

There are a host of reasons construction projects get derailed. Some of the most common include:

  • Miscommunication among parties
  • Weather
  • Labor strikes
  • Plan errors
  • Change orders
  • Suspension of work
  • Changing site conditions

Interestingly, most project managers don’t address theft of machinery, equipment, and materials from your job site as a reason for construction project delays. The time lost can be significant depending on what needs to be replaced for work to proceed on a construction site.

Per the Capterra blog article “The Ultimate Guide to Construction Risk Management,” there are four ways to deal with risk:

  • Avoid the risk. For example, you may choose to refuse building projects in areas prone to earthquakes.
  • Transfer the risk. Insurance is a common way to do this. An appropriate contractual agreement with a subcontractor or supplier may be another.
  • Mitigate the risk. For instance, safety hazards in construction will continue to exist. Proper safety equipment and training for both workers and managers can help reduce the dangers.
  • Accept the risk. Weather, for instance, is uncontrollable and can cause delays on construction schedules. However, good construction project management can sometimes work around the problem and lessen its impact.

With 24/7 construction site video surveillance and real-time alerts, you can either avoid the risk of theft, or minimize the effects of theft once it happens by addressing it’s cause immediately.

Smart camera solutions can detect the presence of people or vehicles, on-site after hours.  The cameras can then send video alerts to you or to the police.  Learn how more and more companies are avoiding delays by gaining complete visibility over their projects.